Thanks to a grant from Pleasanton Rotary and donations from our fundraiser last year, we were able to do extensive exterior home improvements at one of the oldest REACH properties, a duplex on Vineyard Avenue.

Fremont bank Foundation, Pleasanton Rotary Foundation, Pleasanton Weekly Holiday fund, and local supporters.

Tree roots encroaching toward the property foundation, a mole/vole infestation throughout the entire yard and modifications necessary to facilitate tenant mobility issues made this a large project.

We widened porches and sidewalks enabling tenants to safely move to and from the driveway into the homes and have enough space to enjoy sitting on the front porch. We installed drought tolerant landscape, thereby reducing maintenance expenses and water usage. We added new gates and privacy fencing to hide garbage cans in the front yard, making it easier for tenants to set out their cans for pick up.

In the back yard, we installed concrete patios and fencing between the two properties, creating separate spaces for the tenants to enjoy. REACH also provided outdoor furniture and umbrellas.