REACH, which stands for Resources, Education, Activites, Community and Housing, continues to be instrumental in supporting our community’s adults with developmental disabilities in many aspects of their lives. Although the primary mission is providing homes for independent living, REACH’s commitment to the special needs community as a whole remains strong.

REACH annually provides scholarships for those who cannot afford to participate in the City of Pleasanton’s RADD (Recreational Activities for the Developmentally Disabled) program. In addition to scholarships, REACH also provides equipment, uniforms and other sports related items as needed throughout the year.

RADD athletes, who are also part of Special Olympics Northern California, are able to particiapte and compete all year long in sports such as basketball, track & field, volleyball, golf, softball and floor hockey. At the conclusion of each sport, REACH holds a recognition and awards pizza party where every athlete is recognzied for their hard work, commitment to staying active and healthy and to their participation and team spirit.

From REACH and those we serve, sincerely thank our Friends of REACH for their loyal support. We look forward to sponsoring many more exciting and wondeful events this year for our community of adults with developmental disabilities!