‘Tis the season of giving and in this spirit, Tri-Valley REACH is honored and extremely grateful to announce that we are the recipient of this year’s $1,000 grant from Pleasanton North Rotary Foundation.

Tri-Valley REACH relies on private donations, fundraising and local grants to provide housing and independent living services to a community of adults with developmental disabilities in Pleasanton and Livermore, (and hopefully Dublin in the near future).  We are committed to ensuring that this underserved community is able to live just as you and I do, by providing low-income housing, home maintenance, repairs and supported living services.

This generous grant from Pleasanton North Rotary Grant Foundation will be used to upgrade flooring at our Pleasanton residences.

The Board Members of Tri-Valley REACH are so very thankful to the members of Pleasanton North Rotary Grant Foundation and sincerely hope to continue working with them to secure future funding needs.

Happy holidays, indeed!